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Chardonnay 2017

BNA Wine Group

Winemaker Tony Leonardini is a former volunteer fire fighter in Napa Valley. Ask and he will share stories about traveling the state to put out fires. The “Volunteer” wine salutes that spirit. As Tony says, “it’s easy to donate a dollar, but it’s a lot harder to volunteer an hour.”

WINEMAKING: The year started off with record rainfall leading to early, robust growth on the vines. Then summer started off average but quickly changed to one of the hottest summers on record! The vines and grapes were tested, but with modern farming techniques, the vines were aided and protected. In the end, due to ample water and sunlight, 2017 will produce another excellent vintage.

TASTING NOTES: The Volunteer Chardonnay is a classic Napa Valley Chardonnay with flavors and style that will fit on every table. This wine is rich and creamy with hints of citrus, pear, and vanilla.

FOOD PAIRINGS: The Volunteer Chardonnay pairs well with grilled fish and spring vegetables, a creamy vegetable soup, or even a rich vanilla cake for dessert.

WINEMAKER: Tony Leonardini
VARIETAL: Chardonnay
ALCOHOL: 14.9%


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